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The Tahdiglover

Sahar set up the Tahdiglover Instagram page in November 2018. She started the page because of her love for tahdig (crispy rice). 

Sahar had been a football analyst for over 2 years when she started this page. She left her job and moved to Spain to start a new journey. However, in May 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to move back to her small hometown in England. 
She began focusing more on Tahdiglover and creating great live shows with many Iranian and non-Iranian chefs from around the world (literally) LA to Cape Town!
In December 2020, Sahar decided to grow Tahdiglover even more and with the help of small businesses in her hometown she was able to officially launch her unique Tahdiglover products!


TAHDIGLOVER’s goal is to become a go-to brand for Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine. We offer unique and quality kitchen products to make complicated dishes easier to cook. 

We are just not another online business, we are a community, bringing Tahdig lovers together, making Tahdig, and sharing it with one another.

Check out our Instagram to get inspired for your next Tahdig dish.


At TAHDIGLOVER we strive to stay local and collaborated with small businesses.

We have worked with businesses in the UK and helped people to showcase their talent through Tahdiglover. 

If you think you can bring something new to the business please drop us a line and we will get back to you!

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